The New Year is upon us. Are you thinking of making any resolutions this year? Do any of your resolutions involve projects around your home, such as a new outdoor barbeque area, plans for a better lawn, more abundant garden areas or even a new outdoor fire place or beautiful pond? Corion is here to help you fulfill your landscaping goals.

Statistics show that 45% of people in the US make New Year’s resolutions, and 24% of them fail.

(Source: University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology)

It’s important to set attainable landscaping and home improvement goals. Below are some great tips to help you make this year a successful year for your landscaping projects.

Take time to think before taking action.

Before heading out to your local garden center or hardware store take the time to make a plan. Do your research and make sure that the products or plants that you may want actually will serve the purpose you want them too.

Are the plants you have in mind able to withstand the weather conditions where you live? Does the area you want to plant in receive enough direct sunlight to keep the plant flourishing? These are all things to think about before spending money in the store. Corion has many years experience working in this climate and are experts in the field, don’t hesitate to call us to help you make your planting decisions.

Know Your Lawn and Gardens Needs

Most of us know that if you don’t give your plants enough water that’s not a good thing. But, did you know that too much is also not a good thing?

It’s actually very easy and very common for home owners to over water their plants. Remember, too much is not always a good thing. Over watering can cause mold and wilting.

As with water, the same goes with sunlight, too little or too much direct sunlight can also cause ill effects on your landscaping and make for disappointment during the months when your foliage should be in its prime. Corion has highly trained irrigation specialists here to help you decide a watering schedule for your home’s lawn and garden areas.

Maintain and Keep it Clean

Bellingham Lawn CareMaintaining a regular schedule of lawn maintenance assures that your lawn will be looking good year round. Whether it be the cleaning up of leaves in the fall or dethatching your lawn in the summer, year round maintenance is important to the quality and look of your landscaping throughout the year.

Just as humans operate best on a schedule so does your lawn. If you don’t have time to commit to maintaining your lawn year round, remember that’s why we are here. Corion Landscaping Maintenance is here to handle all of your landscaping needs!

Corion Landscape is Here to Help

Mistakes are common when dealing with landscaping and planting and that’s why it’s important to hire a professional. Whether you need advice on plantings, a lawn maintenance and watering schedule or have visions of a new patio and outdoor living area, Corion can help! Corion Landscape Management offers landscape maintenance and installation services for Bellingham, Lynden, Blaine, Ferndale, Burlington, Mt. Vernon and all of Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Call us today at (360) 312-8052 to let us help you fulfill your landscaping goals and assure your home’s lawn and garden areas are looking great for the New Year!