Installing a driveway, patio or walkway and trying to decide what material to use? Specializing in hardscape installation, maintenance and design, Corion Landscape Management recommends pavers for the best long term value.

A couple of other important aspects to consider before making a decision on which material to use are: “When can I use it?” and “How much care does it require?”


After installation concrete surfaces often are not able to be used for 3-5 days. Concrete can settle and crack causing costly repair.  Living in Pacific Northwest rain is inevitable and concrete doesn’t allow for the water to permeate the surface often times leading to run off and slick surfaces.

Pavers on the other hand are ready to go immediately after installation and tend to be much more forgiving than concrete and easier to fix.  Pavers are individual units that interlock with each other providing a more forgiving environment for expansion and contraction. Pavers are molded under extreme pressure and are very durable.

od-6If pavers ever do require maintenance, they are manufactured to be uniform and can easily be replaced with a new paver at anytime. As long as your pavers are properly installed with a good base, there won’t be settling.

Unlike concrete, pavers provide many joints in the surface. Pavers allow for drainage from rain and snow. Pavers also provide a skid resistant anti-glare surface.

If you are considering adding a hardscape to your home Corion Landscape Management is here to help you make an informed decision on what is best for your needs and budget.  Call us today to discuss your options at (360) 312-8052.