Maintaining and updating a landscape is an investment in both time and money for the property owner. All landscapes require some amount of ongoing maintenance and renovation to keep a good appearance. Carefully and professionally planning your landscape can help you with maintaining your landscaping budget and preventing future frustrations.
When thinking about the landscaping for your commercial property it’s important to think about your goals. What is it you are looking for in a landscape? How much time will it be to manage it properly? Will it be attractive year round? Is it sustainable? With a focused and goal oriented approach by Corion Landscape Management, all of this can be achieved. With a combination of our 3-D landscape design services, professional know how and knowledge of our areas climate and foliage we can accomplish your landscape goals in a timely manner and within budget.
Corion Landscape Management works with you to create a plan, along with budgeting for implementation, increasing the value, appeal and sustainability of your landscape, while mitigating maintenance costs.

Services which can be included in a Commercial Landscaping plan include:


3-D Landscape Design

Corion Landscape’s 3-D landscape design services can help you to transform your landscape ideas and goals into an incredible visual reality.
Corion’s highly trained designers combine your ideas and vision with our professional skills and expertise to bring your dreams to life with 3-D landscape design. We diligently listen to your ideas and assist you in taking into consideration more technical design details such as drainage and accessibility.

Turf Renovations

Turf in your landscape can potentially improve through a combination of aeration, seeding, or in some cases the application of lime These services can create greater sustainability in your landscape by reducing fertilizer, pesticides and water use while actually improving the look of turf.
The chief cause of water problems and poor health in turf in this part of the country is clay soil that saturates and doesn’t allow water to drain through it. Clay soils additionally have poor organic content and so require more fertilization than healthier soils.


Aeration promotes a lush, healthy and drought resistant lawn by relieving soil compaction and allowing fertilizers, water and oxygen better access to turf roots. Aeration is best performed yearly in the spring or fall depending on your property.

Lime application

The PH of some soils particularly those Whatcom and Skagit counties is generally too acidic for optimum turf growth. Applying lime yearly to turf areas helps the turf to stay healthy and bright.

Revamping Your Design

Plants can outgrow their space easily as years pass. Continued pruning to handle this is costly and adversely affects the look and health of the plant. Replacing these plants with smaller, lower maintenance varieties can help keep maintenance costs in check.
If you are a commercial or multi-family property manager or owner and you have questions about landscaping installation, maintenance or design for your property call Corion Landscape Management today to discuss your needs! Corion Landscape Management is proud to offer commercial, multi-family and home owner associations landscape installation, maintenance and design services in Bellingham, Ferndale, Mt. Vernon, Burlington and all of Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties.