During the winter most plants loose their vibrant color and can leave your landscape looking bland. Winter landscapes don’t have to be boring. With some advanced planning and professional advice your outdoor spaces can be beautiful all year long.

Below are five winter landscaping tips to keep you loving your landscaping throughout the year:HOlly


Evergreens are perfect for the fall and winter months. Evergreens come in different color variations other than green including blues, yellows and colors in between depending on varieties.


Hardscapes can serve as a focal part in your landscaping throughout the year. Custom garden sculptures, rock displays, a trellis or a rock walkway can all serve as wonderful accents to your plantings. Corion Landscape offers custom hardscape design and installation to fit all needs and budgets.

Beautiful Bark:

Ornamental trees  such a dogwoods and birch loose their leaves in the fall and winter leaving their trunks and branches bare. Many ornamental trees have vibrant bark colors serving as a wonderful pop of color and texture in a winter landscape.

Bountiful Berries:

Consider plants that hold their berries during the winter such as holly bushes or crab-apples. The berries provide color and in many cases attract birds as well.


Ornamental grasses and hellebores which bloom in late winter and early spring are examples of perennials that can provide greenery to your winter landscaping. Corion Landscape can help you pick plants that offer winter foliage, color and texture to keep you landscaping welcoming and appealing in all seasons.

For addition landscaping tips or advice call Corion Landscape Management at 360.312.8052 to discuss your landscaping needs.